"Whether you believe you can or believe you can't, either way you are right. Here's some extra text to form two lines in there. -Henry Ford"


** Unfortunately, we have been experiencing difficulties with the online submissive application form. As a result, you should now copy and paste this questionnaire into an email and reply to each of the questions. Do not forget to include a recent portrait photo.

You must cover ALL of the following questions and attach a clear recent portrait photograph. Make sure your message is personalized to Mistress Jade, anything resembling a generic form letter will simply be deleted as a waste of the Mistress's time. Be sure to write detailed answers, not one-liners; write clearly and do not use "chat-type" abbreviations in your message. Use correct punctuation and separate paragraphs. By taking the time to present yourself clearly and eloquently, this is another way that you can begin to show that you are capable of proper service to Mistress Jade. (Considération sera fait pour les francophones qui tente de répondre en anglais. Special consideration will be made for Francophones attempting to write in English.)

First Name or Scene Name:

Private Email Address:

Subject Title: (Put "submissive application, your name, and date")

Basic Stats: (age, gender, height, overall physical description)

- Why do you want to serve Mistress Jade in particular?

- How did you learn about Mistress Jade? What have you heard or read concerning Her that led you to apply?

- Based on Her profile and preferences, how do you believe that you can be of particular service to Mistress Jade?

- What do you hope you will learn by being in Her service?

- What does "service" and "submission" mean to you?

- What position(s) are you applying for? (service submissive, plaything, trophy, foot service, financial slave, web slave)

- Why do you think that this position(s) would be most suitable for you?

- What previous kink/fetish experience do you have? Have you served anyone else before? (Explain in detail)

- What kink-related and general life experience, training or skills do you already have that might prove useful to Her? (Be detailed in your description.)

- What areas of your submissiveness are you willing & interested in exploring? (Explain as much as possible)

- What kind of service are you *not* prepared or able to offer? What are your hard limits? (Explain your reasons & limitations)

- Where are you located within the island of Montreal and area? Do you have a car, or use public transportation?

- What is your general schedule of availability? Any specific limitations due to family, work, or other obligations?

- Are you married, have a life partner or have a steady girlfriend/boyfriend? (BE HONEST)

- If the above answer is YES, is your spouse/partner aware of your submissive tendencies? Do they know you are searching for a Domme?

- Is there anything else that you believe is important to mention or include with your submissive application? (OPTIONAL)

A clear recent portrait photograph is REQUIRED. Attach it to your email message, then email it directly to "sub_applications@ClubFetish.ca"